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As a pranic healer, I work in the realm of prana, a subtle field of energy and light that pervades our bodies and the cosmos. It contains imprints of our past as well as the seeds of our future, and through it we can engage with the Divine.


I help my clients recover health and vitality for themselves, their children, and their lineages through frameworks of consciousness based in Yoga, Tantra, and Ayurveda, and a deep understanding of trauma, epigenetics, and vibrational medicine. 


Please reach out if you are interested in self-discovery, inner transformation, and healing your health or relationships. 

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A 10-week course for mothers to learn how to recover their own health and vitality, and that of their children and lineages through a concise framework of consciousness based in ancient yogic teachings of India.


Join me on a transformational journey of self-healing and healing others, and become capable of releasing ancestral, psychological, and emotional blockages to cultivate wellbeing and harmony in your life.


An 8-week intensive course for those on the healing path to come together and accelerate the manifestation of their intentions, dreams, and goals.


Join me in this sacred container where you are both healer and the focus of healing as we step into the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine within India's powerful Goddess tradition.

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A 10-week course for women to empower and heal themselves through engaging with the Divine Feminine force existent in their bodies and womb.


 Grounded in the work of Hindu yogis, the teachings of the Tantric Sri Vidya tradition, and the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga, we connect with the innate intelligence of our wombs to begin to heal from menstrual symptoms, infertility, uterine disorders, and the painful repercussions of miscarriage and loss.  


We engage with practices to transform our wombs into sacred containers for our unborn children and all of our creative dreams.

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