An affluent Bombay family shares an ominous twilight ritual, the bolting of a certain door every night at sunset, the locking away of a forgotten past. One night, Pinky Mittal defies her family and throws open the door, setting the past free and unleashing a secret that has the power to destroy herself and those she loves most.

This is the story of Pinky Mittal, an orphan raised by her extended family in the Bombay’s old colonial enclave. One night, heartbroken to discover that the boy she loves is love with the beautiful girl next door, Pinky accidentally unleashes the spirit of a girl child who had drowned there years earlier. Her sudden ghostly presence begins to reveal the interwoven stories and culpability of all the members of the extended Mittal household: Maji, the obese widowed matriarch, her socialite son and daughter-in-law, their three sons, their cousin Pinky who was adopted into the family after the infant’s death, the irritable family cook, the sister housemaids with secrets of their own, the family driver who thinks he’s a Bollywood star, and of course, the ghost.


As the monsoons erupt over Bombay, the ghost child plunges the bungalow into chaos and Pinky must find the courage to uncover the drowning's mysterious truth. Opening in the luxurious heights of a hilltop bungalow, this story of wealth, power, and privilege unfurls through the squalid depths of the city's underworld, to the Catholic drinking dens of prohibition era and the sex-cages of Bombay’s red-light district, bringing alive a world from long ago, a world of darkness that encroaches on the affluent Mittal family, tearing it apart.

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